Be the change


Thank you daily prompt for these beautiful words.   

This is my brand new blog site devoted to a year of targeting and repairing my misconceptions of trust, men, intimate relationships and marriage.  

I am determined to get to the bottom of why I fail so miserably  in the above areas. Maybe it’s not really failure at all…maybe I refuse to live a life wanting more…I deserve a man to be true to me.   Whatever the reason…I will find it and correct it.  By the end of 2015 I am determined to have a mended heart and hopefully love again, freely trusting and open to trying again.  Is this even possible?  Do I have such a chip on my shoulder now that I will never be the gullible girl any longer?   Half of my life has been spent dating and working on relationships that never panned out to be the Life long partner I’ve always wanted.  

So yes….I’m going to be the change that I  need to be…Join me?   

broken  heart


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